Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfield

By Madeleine

This page-turning adventure follows three young adopted sisters who are trying to follow their dreams. Pauline, the oldest, is the actress actress of the family, Petrova, doesn’t want to be on the stage and wants to become a mechanic or work with airplanes, and Posy, the youngest, is addicted to dancing and ballet. Their Great-Uncle Matthew (whom they call Gum) brought them home to keep his daughter, Sylvia, company while he is traveling the world. When the money Gum left them gets scarce, they start taking in borders. The dance instructor gets them in at the Academy for Dancing and Stage Training for free and they start their lessons.

I liked Ballet Shoes because of the characters and you just can’t stop reading, you want to know what’s going to happen next and when it does, it’s very unexpected. This book was recommended in “You’ve Got Mail” and was one of Kathleen’s (Meg Ryan’s character in the movie) favorite children’s books.

Recommend for: ages 10 and up


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Filed under elementary fiction, Madeleine, middle school fiction

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